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TBEA presented highest capacity String Inverter at India Solar Week 2019

Release time:2019-07-16 The author:信息员

India Solar Week 2019 organized by First View Group is a unique platform, enables PV Modules, PV Inverters and other BoS material manufacturers to present their Products and technology over single platform. India Solar Week 2019 happened on 11th & 12th July 2019 allowed clean energy companies to showcase their latest achievements and upcoming plans.

TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology Co. Ltd. made a brilliant appearance with its latest Optimal LCOE Solution 1500V 208kW Multi MPPT String Inverter, which attracted the attention of potential customers. TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology Co. Ltd., founded in 2008, is the world leading green and smart energy service provider with business in more than 20 countries and areas all over the world to devote to the sustainable development of human society with the drive of smart, efficient and green energy. The company focuses on PV, wind power, power electronics, energy internet and other fields to provide clients with integrated solution including clean energy project development, investment & financing, design, construction, debugging and O&M to build the company into a global excellent green and smart energy service provider. TBEA specializes in PV inverters both Central & String Inverters with the capacity from 3kW – 5000kW and lies among Top 3 PV Inverter companies globally and have achieved 3GW Inverter supply record in India.

                                                                            (Pictures of TBEA participation in India Solar Week 2019)

India Solar Week 2019 Participation and Presentation:
        TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology Co. Ltd. have a huge customer base and served around 60% of the industry by associating with almost all major key players Big & Small in the market namely ACME, RENEW, AZURE, AVAADA, ADANI, OPG, BHEL, Rays Power Infra, Rays Power Expert, KEC, L&T, ENRICH, KC Solar etc., contributing to a total of 3GW Inverter supply record in India. TBEA was awarded with an opportunity to represent the company profile & product portfolio, presented by Mr. Mehul Sharma (Director – Sales) and Mr. Naveen Jangra (Head – Technical). The presentation en routed the audience from the founding year of TBEA to present manufacturing and R&D capabilities that TBEA has shipped more than 15GW of inverters and have manufacturing units in different countries including India. The presentation and talk also briefed the audience about latest innovation & technology TBEA is using while presenting the product range which includes both Central & String Inverters. The prime focus of the presentation was sanctioned to technology & latest offered product 1500V Multi MPPT String Inverter. Mr. Naveen Jangra took the entire technical session explaining the product capabilities, feature and Why to Choose TC208KTL-HV over all other String Inverters available in the market.

Featured Product & Technology:
        TS208KTL-HV – TBEA offers Optimal LCOE Solution, new 1500V Multi MPPT String Inverter which is the biggest string inverter in the market that fits in different Utility scale block sizes 5MVA, 6.25MVA, 7.5MVA and 10MVA. TC208KTL-HV operates on 3-Level Topology offering the maximum efficiency of 99.03%, which maximizes the ROI and also helps to lower down BoS cost. Product have various features like Anti-PID function on sub-matrix level, DC Overloading capability upto 160%, SVG Function and offered with communication accessories eliminating the SCADA cost. The maximum output power reaches upto 230kW making it the highest capacity String Inverter in the market.

About TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology Co., Ltd., located in Xi’an High and Tech Development Zone, is a branch of TBEA Group. As a national high and new tech enterprise, it is specialized in the development of solar grid-connected control equipment, high-voltage static var generator (TSVG) , smart micro-grid solutions. With the R&D and manufacturing experience of electrical devices in the past 70 years inherited from TBEA, the company also owns a professional R&D team which is mainly formed by doctors and masters. And now, the company has established international leading R&D Centers, power electronics laboratory and GW production bases in Xi’an and Hami, whose annual capacity is able to be beyond 10GW.

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