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TBEA Brilliantly Appeared at the Abu Dhabi WFES & Solar Expo 2019

Release time:2019-01-18 The author:信息员

From January 14 to 17, the World Energy Future Exhibition (WFES), the largest, most radiative and influential exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa region, opened at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center in the United Arab Emirates. TBEA Xinjiang Sunoasis Co.,Ltd has made a brilliant appearance with photovoltaic SKID solution and smart micro-grid solution, which has attracted wide attention from customers.




Efficient Innovation   Centralized Photovoltaic SKID Solution

TBEA centralized SKID solution for photovoltaic power plant can reduce the cost of system investment, shorten the construction cycle of photovoltaic power plant, and make the construction of photovoltaic area simpler. Integrated 35kV high efficiency oil-immersed medium voltage transformer to provide integrated photovoltaic solutions; modular design to effectively reduce the cost of power plant construction and operation and maintenance; support 1.5 times high capacity ratio system design, with 1.1 times AC output capacity, make full use of inverter performance, improve power generation; DC 1500V, AC 630V, reduce system losses, improve system efficiency.

Smart Micro-grid   A New Generation of Comprehensive Energy Services Solution

TBEA provides the whole lifetime micro-grid service of “Planning-Design-Product-Construction-Operation and Maintenance”, based on the self-developed “energy router”  which is the leading technology, and “energy management system(EMS), central controller, energy storage system” which are the core supports.

For industrial parks, commercial parks, islands, remote areas and other micro-grid requirements, TBEA offers the customized “dual-ends, triple-layers, multi scenes” smart micro-grid solutions, and also the “modular, integrated” battery energy storage solutions for the energy storage requirements of generation-side, grid-side and user-side.

TBEA also can supply various micro-grid operation modes and service to meet the customization requirements, to avoid investment risk and all directionally improve economic benefits.

At present, the new energy market in the Middle East and North Africa region is increasing rapidly. TBEA  takes the opportunity of "one belt and one road" to speed up the globalization process, and actively layout North Africa, Central Asia, Europe and the United States and other regions, so as to provide reliable solutions for global customers with the best cost of electricity.

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