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TBEA Global New Products Release Conference “ignites and blows up” India

Release time:2018-09-25 The author:信息员

On September 20th, as the Renewable Energy India Expo 2018 (REI) was in full swing, TBEA Sunoasis Co., Ltd.’s wholly-owned subsidiary—TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology Co., Ltd.—held a new products release conference under the theme of “Bring Light With Trust & Reliability” and a client appreciation banquet under the theme of “TBEA of Night” in New Delhi, India. Witnessed by many clients and trade media from home and abroad, the company rolled out its new 1500V intelligent photovoltaic solutions represented by TC5000KF outdoor centralized inverter.

The Silk Road - A New Opportunity for Sino-India Cooperation

Chairman of Xinte Energy Co., Ltd. Zhang Jianxin addressed the conference. He said that over two thousand years ago, the ancient “Silk Road” made great historic contributions to exchanges and cooperation among different regions, nations and cultures. Today, TBEA, from Xi’an, China, the oriental starting point of the Silk Road, is continuing the longstanding traditional friendship between the two countries, increasingly filling the ancient Silk Road with new vigor and brilliance; the company will adhere to the core values of “honesty and integrity, client first, hard work, innovation for transcendence and unity with absolute sincerity”, to focus on providing the Indian photovoltaic market with high-quality and reliable products and efficient services as is expected by the clients, and offer India high-quality green energy to create it a better life!

                                                     Chairman of Xinte Energy Co., Ltd. Zhang Jianxin is giving an opening speech

A “Masterpiece” is released

With 18 years of experience in the development of inverters, TBEA Sunoasis is committed to providing optimal and locally adaptable products and solutions to deeply converge with the Indian photovoltaic market. After a number of market researches in India, the company has developed a series of inverters with high DC/AC ratio suitable for the Indian market. The 1500V 5MW outdoor centralized inverter TC5000KF released at the conference is a “masterpiece”.

High Efficiency

The DC side supports 1.5 times high DC/AC ratio system design and cuts down the cost of system investment. It supports up to 4-four MPPT, maximum efficiency> 99%, European efficiency> 98.7%; Maximum AC voltage is 630V, with a lower output current and a lower line loss by over 30%, and has 1.1-fold overload capacity.

High Reliability

The product is made of 4 intelligent modules in parallel, each being separately pluggable, easy to maintain. More importantly, with 4 in parallel, the failure of any module won’t stop the machine from running.

High Safety

The IP grade of the whole machine is IP54, and that of the control circuit is IP65, suggesting that the product is adaptable to various complex environments such as sandstorm, salt fog, high temperature and humidity and high altitude.


The product (TC2500KF/TC3750KF/TC5000KF) is designed by serialization with different models perfectly combined, reducing the cost per kilowatt-hour and improving the generated energy.

Trustworthy Authoritative Certification

At the conference, Senior Manager of TUV-SUD in South Asia Nithin Upadhyaya certified the new product on behalf of TUV-SUD. According to him, a comprehensive assessment shows that TBEA 1500V 5MW outdoor centralized inverter shows high performance in all the tests and is therefore certified. It epitomizes TBEA’s inverter technology.

TUV-SUD Mr. Nithin Upadhyaya is awarding a certificate to TBEA’s photovoltaic inverter

Gratitude to Trust with Thoughtful Services

After the end of the conference, TBEA held “TBEA of Night” and had a joyous gathering with clients to thank them for support for TBEA in the Indian market.


Currently, the installed capacity of TBEA products is greater than 2GW in the Indian market, and TBEA has got involved in many local model photovoltaic projects. Our products run steadily in the deserts in Badra, Rajasthan, on the hills in Uttarakhand, and in the wetlands in Odessa. TBEA products are used in various extreme environments with reliable quality. In the future, TBEA will provide the Indian market with the best inverters, and send the most professional technology R&D team to India to work with the clients.

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