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TBEA and its 1500V PV Solution Debuted at Renewable Energy India (REI) Expo

Release time:2018-09-20 The author:信息员

On September 18th, 2018, the Renewable Energy India (REI) Expo was held at the International Convention and Exhibition Center in New Delhi, India. As one of the largest and most influential new energy events in South Asia, the Expo attracted many well-known companies to participate. Well known as the world's leading green and smart energy service provider, TBEA debuted at this Expo.



1500V Smart PV Solution Unveiled at the REI

TBEA has been specializing in the new energy industry for 18 years, which is committed to making technological breakthroughs in PV power generation and maximizing values for our customers. The TBEA 1500V SMART PV SOLUTION was demonstrated at this Expo, of which the centralized outdoor inverter represented by TC5000KF (5MW) was quite popular product. This series of products features high power, outdoor no-container design, reduced civil construction cost and shortened construction period, which can support 1.5 times high capacity ratio system. With 1.1 times AC output overload capability, the performance of the inverter is made full use of to increase the power generation. It is applicable to DC 1500V and AC 630V to reduce line loss and improve efficiency. The protection rating of the whole inverter is IP54, and protection rating of the electronic parts is IP65, which are adaptive to harsh environments.


A New Generation of String Inverters Debuted at REI

In addition to the 1500V smart PV solution, TBEA also demonstrated the new generation of string inverter 1500V TS100KTL-HV at this REI Expo, which has 100% MPPT penetration rate and totally solve the parallelized mismatch loss . It features non-fuse design and natural function of anti-reverse connection , which is more safe and reliable and has the dynamic output overload capability of 30%.


Intelligent O&M and Monitoring

In terms of intelligent O&M, TBEA demonstrated the TB-eCloud intelligent energy management platform, which is mainly capable of real-time monitoring, efficient transmission, accurate calculation, intelligent processing and multi-dimensional display of massive data generated by power stations. It simplifies the power station monitoring, production management, O&M management and investment analysis, which makes the power station more user-friendly and simple. With the help of the platform, the O&M efficiency can be maximized to reduce the labor load of the O&M personnel, improve the equipment utilization and increase the power generation efficiency.

At present, TBEA has completed more than 2GW of installed capacity in the Indian market, and has participated in the construction of many local PV benchmark projects, which have been highly recognized by our customers.

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