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TBEA Improved its Thailand Market Share to Upgrade its Global Arrangement

Release time:2015-10-27 The author:信息员

TBEA Xi'an Electric Technology Co., Ltd. has recently signed 83MW inverter supply agreement with SUC company, Thailand. According to this agreement, TBEA will supply inverters to SUC and support SUC build global leading PV power station.

It is known that the product will be supplied in this agreement is the core product of TBEA—TC1000KS container type inverter station.The total installation of this series product has surpassed 5GW. This product has the advantages of high power generation, stable reliability, low maintenance cost,high power station yield and low per kilowatt hour cost of solar power. It has extremely strong adaptive capacity to environment and can operate in various severe environment so as to wholly guarantee the power station operation and revenue.

The accomplishment of this agreement marks Thailand customers give high approving for TBEA brand and products. TBEA Xi’an has constantly expanded Thailand market from 2013 year; its solution and services have been highly commended by the local customers and have been used for couples of projects. Via this contract, Thailand has become the fourth country after India, Pakistan,Algeria,in which the TBEA inverter installation has exceeded 100 megawatts. Up to now, TBEA global arrangement has gained great achievement.

So far TBEA inverter has been applied massively in the world, and the total installation has passed 7GW. The value of “Green and Smart”, “Reliability and High Efficiency” have been extensively accepted by customers. In the future,TBEA Xi'an Electric Technology Co., Ltd.will continuously make innovation and modification so as to lead China manufacturers to reach out to the world!

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