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Developing Country Experts from the Solar Application Management Training Class Visited TBEA

Release time:2015-05-25 The author:信息员

    On May 21, 32 developing country experts from the solar application management training class of Natural Energy Research Institute, Gansu Academy of Sciences, visited TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology Co., Ltd. The experts listened to the present development situation of the company, the scientific research team, and the research and development capabilities and technological achievements, etc., and visited the G-watt class inverter production workshop of the company. Through the field visit and the detailed explanations, the experts attained a lot and expressed the aspiration to continue the application of solar energy technology and to promote international cooperation and communication; they hope to enhance further cooperation.
     Gansu Natural Energy Research Institute, as the earliest institute engaged in solar energy research, has achieved fruitful results and experience in solar energy application technology since its foundation 30 years ago. In order to promote the international cooperation and technical communication of the solar energy utilization in developing countries, up to now, Gansu Natural Energy Research Institute has held over 30 terms of the international training classes, and has trained more than1000 technicians and energy officials from 106 countries in the world.
     In August 2013,October 2013 and July, 2014, more than 80 experts from the Asia-Pacific class ,the Arabic class and Rwanda class of the Gansu Natural Energy Research Institute visited TBEA. This time, the visit of developing countries class will further promote the cooperation between TBEA and the developing countries solar power generation. In recent years, TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology Co., Ltd. has developed the domestic market and meanwhile has also positively developed the international market. Up to now, the company has established an excellent reputation in India, Pakistan, Algeria, etc. TBEA is now using its own practical action to realize the goal of “Equip China, Powering the world”.

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