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2019 Beijing international wind energy conference and exhibition (CWP)

Release time:2019-04-09 The author:信息员

Date:July 21-23
Address: St.Paul, Brasil
The products: Full range of inverter products and related auxiliary equipmentExhibition time: October 22-24, 2019

Venue: China international exhibition center (new museum)

Exhibition introduction:

In the context of China's energy revolution, the development of renewable energy, from the development of fossil energy ideas, to the establishment of wind energy and other renewable energy development mechanism and system has become the most popular topic. In 2017, the national energy administration issued the guidance on the implementation of the 13th five-year plan for the development of renewable energy, which not only indicates the direction of development in the next few years, but also reflects the country's confidence and determination to vigorously develop renewable energy. This is both an opportunity and a challenge.

CWP conference has always been the strongest voice of wind power in China. With its huge influence in the industry, the organizer carefully arranges the conference topics, invites authoritative speakers to discuss technology trends, analyze hot topics, and jointly explore the future development of the industry. The "innovation theater" set up at the same time of the conference provides an excellent platform for exhibitors to release new products, innovate ideas, promote finance and business models, and is regarded as a powerful engine and vane of wind power technology progress.

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