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International solar technology expo 2019 Munich, Germany

Release time:2019-04-09 The author:信息员

Exhibition time: May 15-17, 2019

Exhibition venue: new international exhibition center, Munich, Germany

Exhibition introduction:

The international solar energy technology expo 2019 in Munich, Germany, is the largest and most influential solar energy exhibition and trade fair in the world, gathering all the well-known enterprises in the international industry. Intersolar has a 26-year history of international exhibitions and conferences in the world's most influential markets. At present, we have intersolar Europe exhibition, intersolar USA exhibition, intersolar India exhibition, intersolar southern art exhibition, intersolar Middle East exhibition and intersolar China exhibition. Intersolar is the most important display platform for manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and service providers. 90% of the exhibitors believe that the audience quality of this exhibition is much higher than other similar exhibitions, which is the best exhibition effect, the most professional audience, the most complete industrial chain of the solar energy exhibition, is the first choice of exhibitors and visitors. Almost all the world's top exhibitors are attending the exhibition. With the solar industry in a slump, the show has been affected, but it has further established itself as a leader compared to other similar shows. Intersolar's exhibition space is more than eight times that of similar exhibitions in Europe. Intersolar Europe has become a gathering place for international solar energy manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, project developers, investors and installers.

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