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TBEA Ascends Top 2 in Chinese PV Inverter Market in 2013

Release time:2014-04-11 The author:信息员

As the activity of 2014 Chinese Inverter Brand Investigation was successfully completed after data investigation for the lately 3 months, China Brand Top Ten of PV inverters was announced on April 10th based on the conclude data. As one of the leads in PV industry, TBEA was ranked No. 2 for the comprehensive capability, No. 2 for station type inverter, and No. 7 for string inverter, which is a thorough demonstration of our comprehensive capability, product quality, and technical advantages. With the principles of scientific, open, fair, and honest, and with the selection mode combined of investigation and data, this Top List aims to attract wide attention and to direct the industrial development direction. In order to improve the brand value and efficiency, to help the economy transformation, and to discover and encourage the developing inverter enterprises in China, after concluding the delivery quantity of inverters from famous manufacturers with self brands in 2013, this List will be announced or published to both Chinese mainland and overseas medias with high authorization. The investigation is held by annually.

  Directed by market demand and powered by technical innovation, TBEA has developed a professional R&D team with rich experience and strong self innovation. In new energy field, TBEA has shouldered a dozen of Chinese national technology planning programs, has organized compiling multiple national standards, and has led the PV industry development as one of the rare enterprises with multiple self owned technologies. Products have been applied for representative Chinese national wind and wind storage and distributed projects, and almost one hundred of PV power generation projects like large-scale PV power plants in western China. The PV inverter delivery quantity of TBEA ranks top in recent years. Products, of the certificates such as CGC, TUV, ENEL, CE, UL, AND LVRT, and others, have been sold to many countries and areas in Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

  This honor with high applauds in this field, has laid a solid foundation for TBEA’s lading steps in PV inverter market, and has stabilized TBEA’s leading status in Chinese domestic inverter market. We TBEA, together with the increasing emerging enterprises, will confidently contribute to the development of clean energy in future.  



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