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SNEC 2019 international solar industry and photovoltaic engineering (Shanghai) exhibition

Release time:2015-03-09 The author:信息员

Date:From April1 –April 3
Address:China International Exhibition Center,Beijing
TBEA Booth: Hall 3 3108-3135
The 7th China CIPV Expo works with China international solar industry fair (Intersolar China) again, on April 1-3, 2015, they will hold a soalr exhibition in Beijing China international exhibition center. The exhibited products include the solar power generation, power grid access technology and equipment, distributed generation, photovoltaic building integrated, solar thermal power generation, power plant, energy storage technology and equipment, solar energy application products ,etc.Exhibition time: June 4-6, 2019

Exhibition address: Shanghai new international expo center, China

Exhibition introduction:

"Pv leader dialogue" will be led by Asian photovoltaic industry association (APVIA) and invite on behalf of the European, American and Asia our leader mainstream enterprise CEO, academia and industry experts, market analysis agencies, financial institutions, and representatives of the media and the public participation, discusses the photovoltaic industry in Europe, Asia, America's three biggest photovoltaic market development strategy of cooperation.

Professor Armin ABERLE, director of Singapore solar energy research institute (SERIS), is the executive chairman of the "photovoltaic scientists conference". Professor Joachim LUTHER of SERIS and professor Martin GREEN of the university of new south wales in Australia are the honorary chairmen. Besides, scientists with authority in the global photovoltaic industry are invited to give wonderful speeches. At the same time, a "CTO summit of scientists and industry" will be held to discuss cutting-edge solar photovoltaic technologies and development.

In addition, the conference will also hold seminars on the current situation and prospects of distributed photovoltaic power generation and energy storage system in the field of solar energy, as well as china-germany and china-u.s. solar photovoltaic industry cooperation.

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