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With the increase of new energy power plant capacity, to solve the problem of new energy power grid voltage fluctuation, grid power factor is unqualified, reactive change quickly and a series of power quality problems, static reactive power generator SVG is widely adopted.

3.3kV-35kV/1Mvar-120Mvar  TSVG Series High-vlltage Static Var Generator

Special advantage

Reliable Protection:IP54 protection class with full sealing control cabinet and silica gel packaged control board to fully meet application requirements in severe environments such as in an environment with sand dust, condensation, salt mist or conductive dust. 

Stable Operation:TSVG parallel operation networking technology and chain link bypass function to make the chance of disconnection of the TSVG system close to zero ,to have continuous grid connection to improve the power quality. 

Performance ExcellenceInnovative structure controller to bring the best dynamic performance to improve the capability of harmonic compensation,resonance damping and fault ride-through to cater to complicated grid environments.

Energy Conservation and Consumption Reduction :Intelligent variable frequency fan control system to save power by 44% compared to traditional fan control systems to reduce the operation cost ,greatly. 

Intelligent ManagementConnection of TBEA eCloud energy management platform to realize remote operation and maintenance by means of Internet big data technology. 

System structure diagram

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