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Energy Router
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The TBEA energy router product series are the core equipment of AC/DC hybrid micro-grid, and can also be applied to distributed photovoltaic, energy storage, EV charging station and other fields.

Technical advantages

1.Highest efficiency at international leading level
2.Light weight, small size, and no pollution.
3.Both AC&DC connection, both high&low voltage connection.
4.Advanced power quality isolation and compensation function.
5.Multi-directional power flow interaction function.
6.Online smart redundancy function to improve system reliability.
7.Modular design for convenient maintenance and installation.

Technical parameters
2MW three-port DC series
1MW four-port 
AC/DC series
500KW two-port 
DC series
1MW two-port 
AC/ DC series
Rated Capacity
±10kV Side 2MW
 ±375 Side 1.8MW 
±110 Side 0.2MW
10kVac Side 1MW
380Vac Side 750kW 
10KVdc Side 250kW
750Vdc Side 1MW
500kW 1MVA
Rated voltag ±10kVdc/±375Vdc/±110Vdc
10kVdc/750Vdc 10kVac/600Vdc~800Vdc
Maximum Efficiency >98% 98%
Voltage harmonic 
distortion (THDu)
/ <3% / <3%
Current harmonic 
distortion (THDi)
/ <3% / <3%
Failure handling Online bypass, smart redundancy
Cooling method Forced air
Ambient temperature —25℃~55℃
Relative humidity 5%~90%, no condensation, no icing
 (width * height * depth)
Weight 12000 kg 17700 kg 6600 kg 10000 kg
Protection Level IP54