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Power Conversion System (PCS)
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Power Conversion System (PCS) 

Power conversion system product series

Technical advantages

1.Modular design, low output harmonics and high efficiency. 
2.Automatically adapting to a variety of batteries, and different charging and discharging strategies.
3.Independent adjustment of active and reactive power, and adjustable power factor.
4.On-grid charging and discharging mode ,off-grid voltage source inverter mode. 
5.Virtual synchronous generator mode.Off-grid operation with 100% three-phase unbalanced load.

Technical parameters
Product model TE500KH-M
DC side
DC voltage range 500dc~800Vdc
Maximum DC current 1100A
Maximum DC power 550kW
Grid-connected AC side
Rated output power 500kW
Rated grid voltage 315V
Grid voltage range 267Vac-347Vac
Grid frequency 50Hz (48.05Hz~50.45Hz)
AC rated current 916A
Output current harmonic distortion (THDi) <3%
Power factor >0.99
Adjustable range of power factor —0.9 (LEADING) ~ 0.9 (LAGGING)
Off-grid AC side
Off-grid AC voltage range 267V~347V
Off-grid frequency control range 49.5Hz~50.2Hz
Off-grid output voltage harmonics distortion (THDu) <3%
System parameter
Maximum efficiency 98.9%(Without isolated transformer)
AC wiring Three-phase three-wire
Cooling method Forced air
Standby power consumption Power consumed at night<100W
Noise <65dB
Temperature range —25℃-60℃(Derating above 50℃)
Humidity range 5%-95%(No condensation)
Protection level IP20
Altitude <3000m
Dimension (width * height * depth) 1200mm*2150mm*850mm
Weight <1400Kg