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Smart Energy Management System TEMSμ
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The TBEA independently developed energy management system (TEMSμ) has the function of graphdisplay, report analysis, large data analysis, cross-platform operation and maintenance, etc. It can use the source-load power prediction and smart optimization algorithm to carry out multi-time-scale coordinated management and stable and reliable operation, and improving the economic benefits of the micro-grid. control of source-load–storage system, thereby achieving economic optimization.

Technical advantages

Power prediction software - TEMSμ-PP

Optimized scheduling software - TEMSμ-OS

Multi-core central controller - TEMS-CC

SCADA platform - TEMSμ-SCADA

Technical parameters

Power prediction software - TEMSμ-PP

1.Both PV power and load power forecasting

2.Providing 0-24 hours short-term forecast and 0-4 hours rolling ultra-short-term forecast.

3.Short-term prediction accuracy is greater than 80%

4.Ultra-short-term prediction accuracy is greater than 85%.

Optimized scheduling software - TEMSμ-OS

1.Modular and customized design.

2.Various interactive services such as demand-side response, tie line power control, islanding operation, low carbon operation, etc.

3.Unattended operation through automatic scheduling.

4.Security check such as power flflow calculation and network loss calculation

5.Multi-system, multi-objective optimization management to improve system economic benefifits.

Multi-core central controller - TEMSμ-CC

1.Fast switching and stable control of operating status.

2.Secondary frequency and voltage regulation.

3.Fast system protection.

4.Real-time control.

SCADA platform - TEMSμ-SCADA

All technical architectures are implemented with open source components, rich communication protocols, and the system has good scalability and supports flflexible expansion.


High fault tolerance, featuring faster processing speeds and better performance.


Redundant confifiguration is adopted for important units, the system can set software and hardware fifirewalls and one-way physical isolation devices.