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TBEA central inverters have been widely used in hundreds of large-scale ground and water surface pv power plants globally. The product power covers 500kW~5000kW. With its advanced topology, excellent output filter design, efficient MPPT strategy, DPWM technology with minimum switching loss, reliable heat dissipation design, and perfect protection functions, it can bring long-term stable benefits to pv power plants.

Technical advantages

1.Efficient power generation:
I-type three-level power topology, Inverter maximum efficiency greater than 99%, European efficiency greater than 98.7%
2.Investment saving:
Outdoor inverter, Whole machine IP54, Key components IP65, Strong environmental adaptability
3.Highly integrated:
Parallel modularized design, Convenient for selection of different power arrays,
Compatible with multiple power distribution schemes on DC side and AC side

Technical parameters
Model TC2500KF TC3750KF TC5000KF
Input (DC)
Max. DC Voltage 1500V
Max. DC Current per MPPT 3118A 4677A 6236A
MPPT Voltage Range 900V~1300V
Independent MPPT Number 2 3 4
Max. Number of Inputs 16*400A/20*250A 24*400A/30*250A 32*400A/40*250A
Output (AC)
Rated AC Power 2500kW 3750kW 5000kW
Max. AC Power 2750kVA@40℃ 4125kVA@40℃ 5500kVA@40℃
Rated AC Current 2291A 3437A 4582A
Max. AC Current 2520A 3780A 5040A
Rated Output Voltage 630V
AC Frequency Range 50Hz/60Hz
Power Factor Range 0.8(leading)~0.8(lagging), adjustable
Max. THD <3%
Inventer Efficiency
Max. Efficiency 99%
European Weighted Efficiency 98.7%
Environment Parameters
Ambient Temperature —25℃~60℃(above 50℃ derating)
Ambient Humidity 5%~95%(no condensation)
Max.Operating Altitude @Full Load 3000m
Cooling Method Smart forced air cooling
IP Protection IP54/IP65(Electrics)
Communication Interfaces RS485/Ethernet
Protection Function
Ant-idischarge Protection Yes
Low-Voltage Ride-Through (LVRT) Yes
Dc Input Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
Leakage Current Protection Yes
Grid Voltage Frequency Protection Yes
Lightning Protection Yes
Insulation Resistance Detection Yes
Mechanical Data
Dimensions (W×H×D) 2091mm*1680mm*2294mm 3136mm*1678mm*2294mm 4182mm*1680mm*2294mm
Weight 3000kg 4500kg 6000kg
Product Certification
Get zero/low voltage ride through, high voltage rid through, TUV. TUV