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3.3kV~10kV indoor TSVG series products
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The TEBA launched TSVG series static var generator by insisting the design principle of “reliability, high efficiency, and energy-saving” based on special working condition of new energy power station. Its excellent smart chain redundancy technology, control system redundancy technology, and parallel control technology of master-slave coordination improve reliability of the product greatly.

Technical advantages

Power quality problem of the new energy power station can be accurately solved based on unique harmonic compensation and resonance inhibition function, unbalance compensation function, operation capability under frequency out of range, high-accurate module voltage-sharing technology, subsynchronous vibration inhibition technology to guarantee better and more energy production.

Advanced cooling system and container body with high IP degree (IP54) can guarantee the product operates reliably in extremely bad environment. Smart control unit of fan and unique idle operation mode can save 44% energy loss of the power station and reduce the operational cost.

Technical parameters

 System Parameters

Rated voltage




Rated current


 Input voltage range


Grid frequency


Reactive power adjustment range

-Rated(inductive)+Rated (capacitive) continuous and adjustable

Full power loss


Rate of total harmonic current distortion

≤3%, satisfy GB/T14549-1993

Total harmonic distortion of PCC harmonic voltage

≤3%, satisfy GB/T14549-1993

Response time


Overload capacity

If the device is operated continually under 1.1 times overload, alarm will be given 3 minutes later; if the device is operated continually under 1.2 times overload, trip is realized 1 minute later; if the device runs under 1.3 times overload, trip is realized 1 second.

Steady-state control accuracy


Trouble shooting

Redundancy design is adopted to satisfy automatic N-1 operation

 Running mode

Constant reactive power mode, constant voltage mode, constant power factor mode, load compensation mode, power grid reactive integrated control mode

Communication interface


Monitor mode


Human-computer interface

Chinese/English LED touch screen

Signal transmission

Fiber-optic communication

Key technology and theory


Instantaneous reactive power theory, SPWM theory, capacitor voltage balance control technology, three-phase independent control,Small power automatic control,Temperature control

Modulation system

Single polarity double frequency technique, carrier phase-shifting SPWM technique

Power supply mode

Two-circuit feeding

Control source


Main protection function

SVG over-current, grid overvoltage, drive failure, power unit overvoltage, overcurrent, overheat and communication fault, etc.

 Connection mode

Y connection,Delta connection

Cooling mode

 Air cooling, water cooling

IP class

 Indoor IP30

Container: IP54

 Ambient temperature

-25+45, derated capacity operation is required when ambient temperature is 4555 and it should derate 1% when temperature rises 1

 Storage environment temperature



3000m, it should be customized for 3000m5000m

Relative humidity

90, no condensation

Pollution grade

 IV level

Specific parameters for indoor device type,depending on the specific model

Executive standard

DL/T 1215.1-2013GB/T  14549-1993GB/T 17626.2-2006GB/T 17626.3-2006GB/T 17626.4-2008GB/T 17626.5-2008GB/T 17626.11-2008