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±100Mvar TSVG Series
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Maintain and control node voltage, improve system transient stability limit and reduce the amount of low pressure release load, and prevent transient voltage collapse, dynamically maintain node voltage transmission line, improve the steady-state transmission power transmission line limits;
On the load side, it can suppress the voltage flicker, compensate the load imbalance, improve the power factor, etc.
The system consists of pipe bus, starter cabinet, reactor, valve group container, control container and waterway system. Among them, the three valve sets of the container corner connection, through 35kV isolation knife to the 500/35kv special transformer low voltage side.

Technical advantages

The advanced professional container model is designed to adapt to the extreme weather conditions such as storm and desert
The innovation adopts FPGA to realize the system algorithm, which is more than the traditional SVG
Variable frequency speed regulation system, according to the chain section temperature automatically adjust the wind volume, reduce pollution, reduce noise, and save electricity
By means of independent control, harmonic extraction, full compensation mode, SVG has the function of reactive power compensation + harmonic control
TSVG high and low voltage cross control scheme to meet high and low voltage crossing requirements
The IGBT temperature is fully collected, and the temperature drop capacity can be achieved

Technical parameters

System Parameters

 Rated voltage


 Rated current


Input voltage range


Grid frequency


Reactive power adjustment range

-100Mvar (inductive)+100Mvar (capacitive) continuous and adjustable

Full power loss


Rate of total harmonic current distortion

≤3%, satisfy GB/T14549-1993

Total harmonic distortion of PCC harmonic voltage

≤3%, satisfy GB/T14549-1993

 Response time


Stabilization time


Overload capacity

Continuous operation can be guarantted under 1.1 times overload; operation can last for 30s under 1.2 times overload; operation can last for 5s under 1.3 times overload

Steady-state control accuracy


Trouble shooting

Adopt redundancy design and satisfy automatic N-1 operation

Running mode

Constant reactive power mode, constant voltage mode, constant power factor mode, load compensation mode, power grid reactive integrated control mode

Communication interface

RS485 interface (no less than 2)   Ethernet interface (no less than 2)

Communication protocol

Support IEC-103 and IEC-104 stipulation

Monitor mode


Human-computer interface

Chinese/English LED touch screen

 Signal transmission

Fiber-optic communication

Key technology and theory

Instantaneous reactive power theory, SPWM theory, capacitor voltage balance control technology, three-phase independent control

Modulation system

Single polarity double frequency technique, carrier phase-shifting SPWM technique

Power supply mode

Two-circuit feeding

Control source


Main protection function

SVG over-current, grid overvoltage, drive failure, water-cooling failurepower unit overvoltage, overcurrent, overheat and communication fault, etc.

 Connection mode

Delta connection

 Cooling mode

 Water cooling

IP class

IP00  Indoor: IP00

 Container: IP54

Ambient temperature


 Storage environment temperature



3000m, it should be customized for 3000m5000m

Relative humidity

70, no condensation

Pollution grade

 IV level

Specific parameters of outdoor container type

Boundary dimension (width*depth*height mm)

8500*3400*3400/every phase

 Weight (kg)


 Executive standard

DL/T 1215.1-2013GB/T  14549-1993GB/T 17626.2-2006GB/T 17626.3-2006GB/T 17626.4-2008GB/T 17626.5-2008GB/T 17626.11-2008