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TBEA string inverter can be applied to village, industrial and commercial rooftop, water-floating, complex mountain and other PV scenes, etc. As the core of the grid-connected power generation system, 60kW~208kW inverter with its high efficiency, super reliability, perfect anti-PID, reliable arc island protection, excellent power quality, smooth grid access, provides users with the best green energy.

Technical advantages

1.12-channel input, 12-channel MPPT, completely eliminate the parallel mismatch loss caused by string shadow blocking.

2.No fuse design, natural input anti-reverse connection, high IP rating, ensuring system safety and reliability.

3.Intelligent I-V curve detection scan, monitoring no blind zone, accurate management .

4.Intelligent integrated PV tracking system interface to reduce construction cost .

5.Flexible matching of mountains, agricultural light complementary and efficient components, etc.

Technical parameters
Input (DC)
Max. DC Voltage 1100V
Max. DC Current per MPPT 12.5A
MPPT Voltage Range 200V~1000V
Max. Input Number of PV Strings per MPPT 1
Independent MPPT Number 12
Output (AC)
Rated AC Power 80kVA
Max. AC Power 88kVA
Rated AC Current 85.54A
Max. AC Current 94.09A
Nominal AC Voltage 540V, 3W+PE
Grid Voltage Range 432V~594V
Rated AC Frequency 50Hz
AC Frequency Range 45Hz~55Hz
DC Current Injection <0.5%Ipn
Power Factor Range 0.8(leading)~0.8(lagging)
Max. THD <3%
Max. Efficiency 99%
European Weighted Efficiency 98.50%
Environment Parameters
Ambient Temperature —25 C~60 C(above 50 C, derating)
Ambient Humidity 0%~100%
Max.Operating Altitude @Full Load 5000m(>4000m derating)
Cooling Method Smart forced air cooling
IP Protection IP65
Display and Communication
Communication Interfaces RS485/PLC(optional)
Protection Function
Anti-Islanding Protection Yes
DC Input Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
AC Short-circuit Protection Yes
Leakage Current Protection Yes
Grid Voltage Frequency Protection Yes
RCD Detection Yes
Lightning Protection Yes
Insulation Resistance Detection Yes
Mechanical Data
Dimensions (W×H×D) 930mm*558mm*258mm
Weight 70kg
DC Terminal Amphenol H4
AC Terminal Waterpro of PG head+OT terminal
Installment Method Wall Mounted Type
Product Certification
New energy standard, China efficiency, zero/low voltage ride through, high voltage rid through.