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TBEA central inverters have been widely used in hundreds of large-scale ground and water surface pv power plants globally. The product power covers 500kW~5000kW. With its advanced topology, excellent output filter design, efficient MPPT strategy, DPWM technology with minimum switching loss, reliable heat dissipation design, and perfect protection functions, it can bring long-term stable benefits to pv power plants.

Technical advantages

1.Efficient power generation:

T-type three-level power topology, Inverter maximum efficiency greater than 99%,

European efficiency greater than 98.7%

2.Investment saving:

ITS standard 20-foot container, Saving upfront investment, Reducing transportation and construction costs

3.Highly integrated:

Highly integrating “inverter", “booster", “RMU", “power distribution", “communication" and other functions,

Unifying all communication interfaces

Technical parameters
Model TC2500KST
Input (DC)
Max. DC Voltage 1000V
MPPT Voltage Range 550V~1000V
Full-load voltage range 550V~850V
Max. Number of Inputs 32
Output (AC)
Rated Output Power 2500kVA
Max. Output Power 2750kVA
Rated AC Current 37.5A
Max. AC Current 41.2A
Rated Out-put voltage 38.5kV
Rated AC Frequency 50Hz
Power Factor Range 0.8(leading)~0.8(lagging), continuous adjustable
Max. THD <3%
Inventer Efficiency
Max. Efficiency 99%
European Weighted Efficiency 98.7%
Environment Parameters
Ambient Temperature —25℃ ~60℃ (above 50℃ derating)
Ambient Humidity 5%~95% (no condensation)
Max.Operating Altitude @Full Load 2000m(models for high altitude need to be customized)
Cooling Method Forced air cooling
IP Protection IP55
Communication Interfaces RS485/Ethernet
Protection function
DC Overvoltage Yes
AC Overvoltage Protection Yes
Grid Detection Yes
Grounding Fault Detection Yes
Overheating Protection Yes
Insulation Resistance Detection Yes
Mechanical Data
Dimensions ( W*H*D ) 2438mm*2660mm*6058mm
Weight 16000kg
Product Certification