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App is an intelligent terminal application designed for users, which is able to function in iPhone and Android smart phones and allows users to easily and quickly monitor their own PV systems in real time. Real-time and history data can be presented in simple and clear diagrams, and allow users to check daily, monthly, yearly and total data. While presenting system power and generating capacity, emission reduction of CO2 (carbon dioxide), weather conditions and information from various sensors can also be available.

Technical advantages

App is an intelligent terminal application developed for the user. It can run on iPhone and Android smartphone. The user can perform real-time monitoring on the PV system simply and rapidly. Various self-defined alarm available at the platform. 

Enable users to find and locate the fault the first time. The user can query system running state, perform analysis of the collected data and manage the power plant on the management portal at any time. Real-time data and historical data can be showed by simple graphs. The user can check DDMMYY and the total data. It can display power system and power generation, and display CO2 emission reduction, weather conditions and sensor as well. App supports both remote mode and local mode. Under remote mode, the user can log in through Web monitoring platform and check all data from the platform. Under local mode, the user can visit the built-in Web Server of the data acquisition equipment under WiFi in case of no external web available and obtain status information of PV system. 
Technical features of the product
●Display the real-time and historical data through the network at any time Data ●visualization, chart simplicity
●DDMMYY, total data display
●Information display of CO2 emission reduction, weather conditions and sensor. 
●Direct access to information system under local mode by WiFi. 

Technical parameters