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TBEA string inverter can be applied to village, industrial and commercial rooftop, water-floating, complex mountain and other PV scenes, etc. As the core of the grid-connected power generation system, 60kW~208kW inverter with its high efficiency, super reliability, perfect anti-PID, reliable arc island protection, excellent power quality, smooth grid access, provides users with the best green energy.

Technical advantages

1.12 MPPT, Y+1 wiring, maximum 36 inputs.
2.Non-fuse design, higher safety and reliability.
3.DC/AC Ratio upto 1.7, greatly increases the efficiency and ROI of the power station.
4.PV-array anti-PID function. Night SVG function with DC side isolated.
5.IP 65 pr Potection, adapt to various harsh environments such as salt spray, corrosion and humidity.
6.Refined string detection achieves no blind zone,intelligent IV diagnosis.

Technical parameters


Model TS208KTL-HV
Input (DC)
Max. DC Voltage 1500V
Max. DC Current per MPPT 26A
Max. Current per MPPT 33A
MPPT Voltage Range 550V~1500V
Max. Input Number of PV Strings per MPPT 12
Independent MPPT Number 3
Output (AC)
Rated AC Power 208kVA
Max. AC Power 228kVA
Rated AC Current 150A
Max. AC Current 165A
Nominal AC Voltage 800V, 3W+PE
Grid Voltage Range 640V~920V
Rated AC Frequency 50Hz
AC Frequency Range 45Hz~55Hz
DC Current Injection <0.5%Ipn
Power Factor Range 0.8(leading)~0.8(lagging)
Max. THD <3%
Max. Efficiency 99%
European Weighted Efficiency 98.7%
Isolation Method Transfomerless
IP Protection IP65
Night Power Consumption <3W
Environment Parameters
Ambient Temperature —25 C~60 C(above 50 C, derating)
Ambient Humidity 0%~100%
Max.Operating Altitude @Full Load 4000m 
Cooling Method Smart forced air cooling
Display and Communication
Display LED Indicators, WiFi + APP
Communication Interfaces RS485/PLC(optional)/GPRS(optional)/WIFI(optional)
Protection Function
Anti-Islanding Protection Yes
Low-Voltage Ride-Through (LVRT) Yes
DC Input Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
AC Short-circuit Protection Yes
Leakage Current Protection Yes
Grid Voltage Frequency Protection Yes
RCD Detection Yes
Lightning Protection Yes
Insulation Resistance Detection Yes
Mechanical Data
Dimensions (W×H×D) 1200mm*800mm*320mm
Weight 130kg
DC Terminal Amphenol UTX
AC Terminal OT Connector
Installment Method Wall Mounted Type